Top Tens Off All Time (2)

Astazi va prezentam clasamentul celor mai bune melodii ale tuturor timpurilor in viziunea lui Andrew Hansen ( The Chaser’s War On Everything ABC 1 ) :

  • Electric Light Orchestra – Wild West Hero
    (Out of the Blue, 1977)

    This is just about my favourite song of all time, bursting with thrills and goodies. Whenever I’m recording a Chaser song and am stuck for inspiration, I think, ‘What would Jeff Lynne do?’
  • The Beatles – Something
    (Abbey Road, 1969)

    I don’t like the Beatles at all. No, not me.
  • John Lennon – Mother (John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band, 1970)
    John’s music is incredibly moving because it’s all about himself – you just know he’s not making this stuff up. And yes, I do have a thing for songs entitled ‘Mother’.
  • George Harrison – That’s the Way It Goes
    (Gone Troppo, 1982)

    George’s slide guitar playing is the most gorgeous sound in the world. And yes, I believe he has triumphantly managed to use the word ‘Krugerrand’ in a song.
  • Paul McCartney – Anyway
    (Chaos and Creation in the Backyard, 2005)

    It’s unfashionable to sing about love in a positive, non-ironic way, but every aspect of this song is stunning.
  • Badfinger – Without You
    (No Dice, 1970)

    Mariah Carey’s cheesy, wailing cover of this is the version we all know. But when you hear the original you go, ‘Oh, THAT’s what it’s supposed to be.’
  • Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – When the Time Comes
    (You’re Gonna Get It!, 1978)

    I find the sentiment of this lesser-known Petty song really moving, and it’s in an affecting musical style you don’t hear too often.
  • Pink Floyd – Mother
    (The Wall, 1979)

    Ok… A one-line summary of this masterpiece. Let me think… erm, yes it’s coming…
  • Syd Barrett – Gigolo Aunt
    (Barrett, 1970)

    This delightfully mad, catchy song makes me giddy with happiness, till I remember what happened to Syd.
  • Bob Dylan – You Belong to Me
    (Natural Born Killers soundtrack, 1994)

    Dylan’s cover of this standard is heartbreaking. Critics loathe his unaccompanied performances of the early ’90s but I can’t get enough of em.

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